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Leo I: Grand Melee


One of the many things I’ve learned so far in this whole decan walk thing is how weird it is to take the Gregorian calendar as the “truth” of how to track time. I wrote on this subject a bit back in my post on the astrolabe. The standardization of the Gregorian calendar and down-to-the-nanosecond accurate clocks has decoupled our understanding of the passage of time from the natural phenomenon around us (for the most part).

Cancer III: Ennui Suffused


If there’s one card in tarot that I likely most resonate with most of the time, it’s the IV of Cups. In fact, it’s frequently my significator, even coming up randomly in friend’s readings to indicate me. It’s not just because my Sun, MC and Mercury are in Pisces and Cancer is my ascendant, it’s also because I’m generally internally focused and sometimes oblivious to the important things going on around me.

Urania 1.0.2 + New Arnemancy Episode


Just a quick post to let folks know that there is a new update for Urania which adds support for chart rotation, and that the lovely Reverend Erik and I had another fun chat diving a bit deeper on nerdy magic+tech topics. Also, as a reminder, I am still posting updates for my year-long decan walk about every 10 days, however, those don’t go out as email updates because I don’t want to spam everyone!

Cancer II: The Fates Throw a Party


I’m behind on decan posts, as usual. But the good news is that after reviewing site stats, no one is reading these posts anyway! So who the fuck cares! The III of Cups is really one of my favorites. That’s likely partly because it’s a three, and I’m a three, but it’s also just the magical energy and liveliness present in this card. In Cancer II we are dealing with Mercury in the welcoming and protective shell of Cancer.

Cancer I: Enigmatic Lion Heads


Hey, we’re finally free of the horrors of Gemini and the VIII, IX and X of Swords! Phew. Bring on the relatively reasonable sign of Cancer and the suit of cups I say. The II of Cups seems like a relatively straight-forward card symbolizing productive and harmonious union in all it’s forms. That is, of course, until one’s eye wander to the top of the card which features a lion’s head over a giant caduceus.

Gemini III: Well That Went Well


The tens in the minor arcana are all about endings and completions of a cycle. None of the tens are more viscerally final than the X of Swords though. That’s some next-level final realness right there. Here’s the description from A. E. Waite himself: “A prostrate figure, pierced by all the swords belonging to the card. Divinatory Meanings: Whatsoever is intimated by the design; also pain, affliction, tears, sadness, desolation. It is not especially a card of violent death.

Gemini II: Sleepless Nights


Well, not that I’m not always behind on my decan posts, but this time I’m really not not behind. I blame a five week trip to the US to visit family and friends (and to get vaccinated thanks to the shitty vaccine roll-out in Germany). These three decans of Gemini are simultaneously infuriatingly difficult to parse while also intrinsically visceral. Considering Gemini is the element of air and we are in the suit of swords, that’s really weird.

Gemini I: Denial


The VIII of Swords in Gemini I is an interesting follow-on to the VII of Pentacles from Taurus III. With the VII of Pentacles we have to deal with the consequences of our prior actions and in the VIII of Swords we are basically in complete denial of the place we find ourselves in (due to the consequences of our prior actions). During this decan I started noticing a lot of denial, not only in myself, but in some of those I’m close to.

Taurus III: You Did This


I am so comically behind on my decan posts that I just can’t even. CAN’T EVEN. Actually, I can even because being late is a thing that already happened as a result of poor past-me decisions. Which brings us to the VII of Pentacles, the minor associated with the third decan of Taurus. And just to really point out the lateness here, Taurus III was from May 10th to the 20th.

Taurus II: Context


Well, I seem to be forever behind on my decan walk posts, surprising no one. We are already nearly half way through Taurus III and I’m just now writing about Taurus II. This whole decanic journey is proving to be a bit more intense than I was anticipating. And while moving out of the V and into the VI of Pentacles has brought a bit of a relief from the shitstorm, it’s not like the shitstorm isn’t there, just that it’s become more contextualized.