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Taurus I: Shitstorm


We are nearly half-way through Taurus II and I’m still trying to process what happened in Taurus I. Pamela Colman Smith’s fantastic art for the V of Pentacles really captures the mess. We got very difficult family health news toward the end of Taurus I. Given the adverse health events often associated with the V of Pentacles, this all lines up pretty well. Beyond the bad medical news, there have been a number of other things as well all sort of piling up to cause a veritable shitstorm of no good.

Aspectarian + More


Just wanted to quickly let you know there’s a new Urania update over at urania.app with lot’s of screen shots and info! Also, in an effort to reduce HoD spam, I’m no longer sending email updates for the decan walk posts. However, you can find all of the posts so far at: Aries I, Aries II, and Aries III. I will continue posting my thoughts about each decan every 10-ish days for the rest of the tropical year.

Aries III: Life is Good


It’s really kinda terrifying how fast 10-ish days go by. It’s not like there wasn’t a lot going on, it just doesn’t feel like 10 days of goings on (or 12 really because I’m late getting this post out, surprising no one). We have now moved into Taurus I, which means it’s time for the Aries III retrospective. In 36 Secrets, T. Susan Chang talks about the ephemeral nature of the IV of Wands.

Aries II: Plans in Motion


Woo howdy, these decans are flying by aren’t they? We have entered Aries III which means it’s time for the Aries II retrospective. Part of what I’m discovering with this decan walk through the perspective of the tarot minors, is an on-the-ground practical experience of the card paired with the decan. In this case we have the III of Wands, which is all about expansion, progress, and plans underway. A practical observation I’ve discovered about this card, in relation to my personal experience over the last few days, is the acceptance that comes with plans that are now in motion and somewhat outside of one’s control.

Arnemancy Podcast Discussion


Another thing that happened just before Aries I, which I didn’t discuss in the last post because it wasn’t out yet, is that I recently had the great pleasure of talking with the lovely Reverend Erik about the intersection of tech and magic on his Arnemancy podcast. It was a fun discussion that covered a lot of interesting ground. Go check it out! And while you are there, check out some of the other interesting stuff Erik gets up to, like his upcoming class on Tarot and the Art of Memory (link in the show notes).

Aries I: Blastoff


The sun just moved into 10° Aries which means we’ve just left the decan of Aries I, and have entered Aries II. As such, and in keeping with my decan walk plans (and hopefully not annoying everyone with too-frequent updates), here are my thoughts about Aries I: HOLY FUCKING SHIT Yes. Yes, I think that sums it up. The following things happened during Aries I (i.e. the last 10 days):

Sissy That Decan Walk


Whoo damn! It’s been a while since the last HoD update. Such is the cycle of things I suppose, particularly when one has, let’s say, attention span problems. This may be a fairly short update as I mostly just want to share my decan walk plans and give you some pointers if you would like to pursue something similar. Why now? The sun just moved out of Pisces and into Aries marking the vernal equinox and the start of the tropical zodiacal year.

We're not out of the woods yet...


art by Zdzisław Beksiński It’s a bit of a long one folks. I’m going to try and make up for my gap in updates with one big update. Quantity over quality, am I right? I’m pretty sure that’s what they say. Urania Update As I indicated a couple of posts back: my time is currently split between work that pays me, and work that doesn’t (like Urania). I said in that post that my current contract engagement was ending in mid-Nov, however, it turns out I did good work and my client wants me to take on new work, which I have agreed to.

Office Hours


Just a very quick announcement that, in an effort to make better use of Discord, and to generally be available to folks that want to chat, I will be in the Hall of Doors Discord server every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 18:00-19:00 CEST. As a reminder, you can join the Discord server here.

The Crossroads


It’s going to be another fairly quick update, but this time with a bit more detail on why. But first! Houses I’ve got basic house rendering wired up in Urania. Here’s a quick screen shot plus a video. General Update I’m really excited about the progress on Urania. Moving to the Swiss Ephemeris is a huge improvement that allows me to focus on features and presentation, and less on plumbing.