Gemini I: Denial

The VIII of Swords in Gemini I is an interesting follow-on to the VII of Pentacles from Taurus III. With the VII of Pentacles we have to deal with the consequences of our prior actions and in the VIII of Swords we are basically in complete denial of the place we find ourselves in (due to the consequences of our prior actions).

During this decan I started noticing a lot of denial, not only in myself, but in some of those I'm close to. If you know you are in the stinking fetid swamp surrounded by a cage of swords, then maybe a blindfold isn't a bad option? Of course, changing one's situation requires taking that blindfold off. But it's going to be a lot of work to trek back to civilization, or whatever is beyond. Taking the blindfold off means fully taking in the situation, which is never fun.

The three decans of Gemini have the associated major of the Lovers, which is an interesting pairing with the VIII, IX, and X of Swords. One would think Jupiter in Gemini results in a less dire tableau.

Gemini I All

However, Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini. The generative and expansive power of Jupiter is constrained by the bifurcation of Gemini's indecision. Jupiter wants movement and Gemini wants to fully process everything before any decision can be made. Jupiter wears a blindfold while in the house of Gemini.

One interesting thing I always notice about Pamela Coleman Smith's art on the VIII of Swords is the very slight smirk on the woman's face. She doesn't seem as forlorn as her situation would indicate.


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