Mosaic Splash

Mosaic is a digital divination system. Charts are formed by dividing and recombining symbols through physics-based shuffling. Explore a near infinite array of combinations with the help of built-in descriptions and elemental associations. Heather Freeman is my collaborator on this project.

Check out Heather and I showing off Mosaic and doing some very serious divination.


Urania Screen Shot

Free astrology software for magicians with a focus on finding elections and magical timing. Runs on every desktop OS, especially Linux.


Georatio Screen Shot

A geomantic charting tool that makes it easy to verify charts, share charts with clients/others, and (most importantly) modify charts in real-time.

Golden Oracle

Golden Oracle Manifestation

An oracle deck based on the golden ratio and released under Creative Commons.

General Content

Check my YouTube channel where I cover topics like taking effective notes as part of a magical practice among other stuff.


Digital native divination.


Astrology software for magicians.


Geomantic charting tool.
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