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Taking Magic Notes with Obsidian


I know how much you all love nerding out about taking notes! If you missed the prior two videos I’ve done on this topic, they are linked below for your convenience. Taking good notes is a critical part of any practice so it’s worth spending some time on. In this latest installment I cover yet another excellent option for taking digital notes. This time I skip the whole theory part (assuming you’ve watched one of the prior two videos) and dive right in on the software.

Virgo III: Legacy


Kabbalah isn’t really something I incorporate into my own practice. That’s not to say I don’t study it, or that I’m not aware of the impact it has on “western esotericism”, it’s just not a thing I DO. I don’t do Kabbalah because it’s not mine. I’m neither ethnically nor religiously Jewish, I don’t speak Hebrew, and attempting to separate Kabbalah from Judaism doesn’t seem like a good idea. That did not stop Éliphas Lévi and all those who came after (Blavatsky, Crowley, Gardner) though, so Kabbalah is now inseparable from any understanding of “western” modern magic practice.

Virgo II: Opulence! You own Everything!


In the German language there isn’t really a direct translation for the English word “abundance”. Überfluss is probably the closest which literally translates to “over flow”. It’s the word you would use to describe a river that floods over the banks from too much rain water. The implication is mostly negative: having more than you need isn’t necessarily a good thing. There’s something of Überfluss in the IX of Pentacles.

Virgo I: The Unglamorous Work


When someone is good at something, and I mean REALLY good, it looks like the thing they are good at is effortless. When someone is so good at something that the thing they do is intrinsically a part of who they are, it seems impossible that they were ever not good at whatever that thing is. When we experience the output of someone at that level we often disregard the many hours of work it took to gain that level of mastery.

Leo III: Stay Frosty


As I mentioned at the beginning of this whole decanic stroll thing, I’ve been using T. Susan Chang’s book 36 Secrets as my sourcebook. At the start of each decan I read the appropriate chapter from 36 Secrets, do some of my own research, and then keep those themes and the associated tarot cards in mind through that 10 day cycle. Anyway, there was something in this chapter on Leo III that made me literally LOL.

Leo II: Shantay You Stay


Ah the sweet victory of Jupiter in Leo–just take it all in: fame, glory, and recognition for a superlative performance. The hard work and struggle of the V of Wands has finally paid off. You’re the winner baby. “Hey, guy in the audience, yeah you with the funny hat. You aren’t allowed to touch the horse blanket. There’s absolutely nothing to see under there. Why is it so big? Well that’s none of your business.

Leo I: Grand Melee


One of the many things I’ve learned so far in this whole decan walk thing is how weird it is to take the Gregorian calendar as the “truth” of how to track time. I wrote on this subject a bit back in my post on the astrolabe. The standardization of the Gregorian calendar and down-to-the-nanosecond accurate clocks has decoupled our understanding of the passage of time from the natural phenomenon around us (for the most part).

Cancer III: Ennui Suffused


If there’s one card in tarot that I likely most resonate with most of the time, it’s the IV of Cups. In fact, it’s frequently my significator, even coming up randomly in friend’s readings to indicate me. It’s not just because my Sun, MC and Mercury are in Pisces and Cancer is my ascendant, it’s also because I’m generally internally focused and sometimes oblivious to the important things going on around me.

Urania 1.0.2 + New Arnemancy Episode


Just a quick post to let folks know that there is a new update for Urania which adds support for chart rotation, and that the lovely Reverend Erik and I had another fun chat diving a bit deeper on nerdy magic+tech topics. Also, as a reminder, I am still posting updates for my year-long decan walk about every 10 days, however, those don’t go out as email updates because I don’t want to spam everyone!

Cancer II: The Fates Throw a Party


I’m behind on decan posts, as usual. But the good news is that after reviewing site stats, no one is reading these posts anyway! So who the fuck cares! The III of Cups is really one of my favorites. That’s likely partly because it’s a three, and I’m a three, but it’s also just the magical energy and liveliness present in this card. In Cancer II we are dealing with Mercury in the welcoming and protective shell of Cancer.