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Taking the Show on the Road
27 May 2024
Whether you have a dedicated temple space, a room you practice in as needed, or something else, every sorcerer can benefit from a mobile ritual kit. Let's crack open my sorcerous tote and take a peek not only at *what* is inside, but also *why*.
Geomancy and Programming
06 Apr 2023
Hey, I made a video doing some geomantic "live coding" (actually recorded, but you get the idea). Ever wonder what we are actually doing when we geomantically "sum" two figures? Might be fun and useful for anyone thinking about going through the educational exercise of writing their own geomancy software. Or just nerding out about geomancy and programming!
Mosaic Beta Release
06 Jan 2023
Mosaic, the digital divination project that Heather Freeman and I have been working on for the better part of a year now, has finally shipped! Grab your free copy of the software and/or watch a video of Heather and I nerding out about it.
Figma for Magicians Video (part 2)
21 Mar 2022
The second half of the Figma for Magicians class is now up on YouTube. Enjoy!
Pisces III: The Beauty of Transition
20 Mar 2022
And here we are, at the end of our decanic journey: Pisces III. It's been a long, and a short, time. A lot has happened in the world over the last ecliptic year. Things have changed, and other things have stayed the same. Although the things that stayed the same are just on a longer change cycle. Like how Jupiter is slower to move across the sky than Mars.
Figma for Magicians Video (part 1)
18 Mar 2022
Just a quick post to let folks know that if you missed my class on Figma for Magicians you can now catch the same content [over on the YouTubes]( Well, at least the first half of the class. Part 2 is coming soon.
Pisces II: Pure Happiness
10 Mar 2022
In the penultimate position of our year long decan walk, we find Jupiter in the land of Pisces, and it's a damn beautiful thing. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and Jupiter also rules the second decan of Pisces. It's just a whole lot of radiant Jupiter up in here. Can I get an amen? Now let the music play.
Pisces I: The Cost of Entry
28 Feb 2022
We have arrived at last in the final sign of the zodiacal year: Pisces. I'm publishing this post on my birthday, which happens to fall in the last degree of Pisces I, which is ruled by Saturn.
Aquarius III: Too Clever by Half
18 Feb 2022
"Shrewd but flawed by overthinking or excessive complexity, with a resulting tendency to be unreliable or unsuccessful." Nowhere in the suit of swords are the machinations of the mind more obviously folly than in the VII. The necessary resourcefulness of the VI has turned into outright brazen shenanigans.
Class: Figma for Magicians
17 Feb 2022
Drawing seals? Making your own grimoire/book of shadows? Creating illustrations for planetary talismans? Designing a new cartomantic deck? Whatever part design plays in your practice, I'm going to show you how Figma will make your life just oh so much better. Stop using crappy expensive software from a company that starts with "A" and ends in "dobe". The design world has moved on (and so should you!)
Holding What Must Be Held
13 Feb 2022
Trying to share elements of a personal practice with others is a game of extracting the parts that are useful (the practice) from the parts that situate the practice in a personal cosmology (the personal). It's something that I see a lot of people get wrong and often results in focusing on, as [Tayannah Lee McQuillar]( might say, "the sizzle and not the steak". It's something that I'm going to try very hard to not get wrong here.
Aquarius II: GTFO
09 Feb 2022
Sometimes the best thing you can do in a situation is just get the hell out. Sometimes things are just so borked that you have to pack up your family, your belongings, and take the leap of faith to head for greener pastures.
Aquarius I: Zero Sum Games
29 Jan 2022
I'm writing this post from a lovely cabin on the Præstø Fjord in Denmark. We are here for Jake's birthday which is in a couple of days (in Aquarius II, in fact). There are a couple of consequences to me being at this location related to this post: 1) I'm on vacation so kinda short posting, and 2) I didn't bring my AT deck (only my compact RWS), so no AT photo this time.
HoD Redesign + Upcoming Classes
20 Jan 2022
What better way to usher in a fresh new year than a fresh new website! I've [talked before]( about the importance of one's investment into one's personal online presence, but let me just say up front that the new HoD is sparking quite a lot of joy for me right now. I've also got some great classes and new projects coming this year, so read on for all the details!
Capricorn III: Conspicuous Consumption
19 Jan 2022
What happens when the Devil is supercharged with the radiant power of the Sun? Conspicuous consumption—the dominant western paradigm—that's what. If you have ever felt a flash of rage when you realize that you can't have something you want, then you know the power of the Devil's radiant chains.
Capricorn II: Gigging
09 Jan 2022
A bit of a meta-observation with this whole decanic tarot journey thing: you sometimes learn more about a card when the associated majors are in stark contrast than you do when they are symbolically aligned. In this case we have the III of Pentacles bookended by the Tower and the Devil. Which might, on the surface, look like utter nonsense.
Capricorn I: Multitasking
31 Dec 2021
In my experience of reading cards for others (which I no longer do and haven't done for years) the II of Pentacles is most likely to catch the attention of the sitter and usually results in a comment like: "that's exactly how I feel!" It's one of those on-the-nose cards where the image is more exoteric then esoteric (though it does have its secrets).
Sagittarius III: Saying No
21 Dec 2021
Here at the end of Sagittarius, and at the end of the suit of wands, we are left to deal with the weight of the consequences of our choices. The X of Wands is a good reminder that having solid boundaries and saying "no" are critical life skills. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Take on only what you really intend to carry all the way to the finish line.
Sagittarius II: Unwavering Courage
11 Dec 2021
Something I have learned over the past two years of this ongoing pandemic is that we (people in general) have a lot more resolve than we thought we did. No card in the RWS captures resolve like the IX of Wands.
Sagittarius I: Posthaste
01 Dec 2021
Anyone that picks up a RWS deck as their first tarot is likely to be entirely flummoxed by the VIII of Wands. What the hell is even going on in this image? A bunch of sticks flying through an open sky, or maybe just floating there? There's no visual indication of motion so we are just left with this still life of floating sticks.
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