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Figma for Magicians

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Drawing seals? Making your own grimoire/book of shadows? Creating illustrations for planetary talismans? Designing a new cartomantic deck? Whatever part design plays in your practice, I'm going to show you how Figma will make your life just oh so much better. Stop using crappy expensive software from a company that starts with "A" and ends in "dobe". The design world has moved on (and so should you!)

Introduction to Geomancy

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Have you been lurking on the threshold of geomancy's portcullis? Peeking in on occasion and wondering: what's all this hubbub about? Well then this class is for you! You'll learn how to cast a shield chart AND gain a solid foundation in geomantic fundamentals that will support your future learning.

Cast Astrology Charts by Hand

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Step-by-step instructions for casting an astrological chart by hand from ephemeris. Both the ephemeris and a blank chart will be provided along with detailed instructions. Modern astrology software (like Urania) makes casting astrological charts a breeze, but there's a lot of value in learning to cast a chart yourself by hand. Also, it's fun! If you are on the fence about casting a chart by hand because you think it requires tricky math, it definitely does not. If you can add, subtract, divide, and multiply then you got this! It's easier than you think, wonderfully empowering, and open to all kinds of creativity.


Astrology software for magicians.


Geomantic charting tool.
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