Aries I: Blastoff

The sun just moved into 10° Aries which means we've just left the decan of Aries I, and have entered Aries II.

As such, and in keeping with my decan walk plans (and hopefully not annoying everyone with too-frequent updates), here are my thoughts about Aries I:


Yes. Yes, I think that sums it up. The following things happened during Aries I (i.e. the last 10 days):

  • I quit my corporate gig (with some rather fiery fanfare) to focus exclusively on magic-related projects (i.e. Urania & Georatio)
  • I planted seeds for my herb garden (st john's wort, arnica, sorrel)
  • I rebooted my personal practice

Kicking this thing off with a bang!

Two of Wands with associated majors

The minor arcana associated with Aries I is the Two of Wands. As the sun is in the sign of Aries, the associated major arcana for the sign is The Emperor. Mars rules the first (and last) decan of the year so we also have the associated major arcana for the planet: The Tower. The image above contains all three, and I think it's a pretty damn good visual representation of how I feel the last 10 days have gone.

I'm not sure if Aries I is always this intense and I just haven't been paying attention, or if my paying attention has caused Aries I to be this intense. Who knows such things? What I can say is that if I ever wanted to go through the exercise of creating zodiacal and planetary associations for Golden Oracle, Energized would definitely be Mars in Aries.

Energized - Evolving


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