Capricorn I: Multitasking

In my experience of reading cards for others (which I no longer do and haven't done for years) the II of Pentacles is most likely to catch the attention of the sitter and usually results in a comment like: "that's exactly how I feel!" It's one of those on-the-nose cards where the image is more exoteric then esoteric (though it does have its secrets).

The first degree of Capricorn marks the winter solstice and the longest night of the year (in the northern hemisphere). Daylight will continue to outpace the dark until the spring equinox when night and day are equal. The spark of summer has been invisibly kindled in the bosom of the night, even though we have several more months of dark and cold before we see it. A turning point has been reached and multiple things must be held at the same time to smooth the transition of power.

Kinda like the time we are in right now. We are witnessing the death of our old ways of living (and in many cases good riddance) and the birth of something new which is, at this moment, an invisible spark. No one knows what the next phase will look like (not really, sorry scientists) but right now we have to hold both the mess of the reality we are leaving in and the growth of whatever is coming next at the same time. We can't let either fall.

Capricorn I All

Jupiter rules the first decan of Capricorn which is interesting because Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Both of the big daddies of traditional astrology are here in opposition to each other. The grand benefic and the grand malefic exert their force in equal measure.

Animal Totem II of Pentacles

Part of maintaining the complex juggling act of being alive in the current moment is fostering flexibility. When everything is up in the air and nothing is solid, how can you possibly prepare? You can't really. All you can do is try and deal with what is in front of you right now while also doing everything you can to maximize future flexibility. Now is not the time for principled stands (so if you are shouting on the internet, please just stop).

In the AT II of Pentacles a hawk brings a meal back to her nest to feed her young (here represented as pentacles). Mothers with children have an intrinsic understanding of what it means to juggle multiple priorities at the same time without letting any of the spinning plates hit the floor.


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