Class: Figma for Magicians

Drawing seals? Making your own grimoire/book of shadows? Creating illustrations for planetary talismans? Designing a new cartomantic deck? Whatever part design plays in your practice, I'm going to show you how Figma will make your life just oh so much better. Stop using crappy expensive software from a company that starts with "A" and ends in "dobe". The design world has moved on (and so should you!)

Very excited to announce the first class of 2022! Join me and a handful of fellow practitioners next Saturday the 26th at 17:00 UTC (that's morning for you folks in the US and evening for us folks in Europe) to learn the basics of this amazing modern design tool. It'll ease the burden on your creative process (and the burden on your pocketbook).

Sign up at It's free, and it's gonna be fun!


Digital native divination.


Astrology software for magicians.


Geomantic charting tool.
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