Georatio - A Geomancy Tool

Another project I worked on recently, while trying to learn the art of Geomancy, is an online chart calculator available at This is not meant to replace casting a shield and house chart by hand, or to skim over diving in to everything Geomancy has to offer. However, it can be useful to quickly cast a chart or to share a chart with someone online (or in print). There is a button to produce a permalink to a chart which you can easily share with others, and the layout has been optomized to fit a single sheet of A4 (should work for 8.5x11 too).

If you would like to know more about Geomancy I recommend The Art and Practice of Geomancy by John Michael Greer and also the many great posts on Geomancy by Sam Block.


Astrology software for magicians.


Geomantic charting tool.
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