Pisces II: Pure Happiness

In the penultimate position of our year long decan walk, we find Jupiter in the land of Pisces, and it's a damn beautiful thing. Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces, and Jupiter also rules the second decan of Pisces. It's just a whole lot of radiant Jupiter up in here. Can I get an amen? Now let the music play.

As I mentioned in Pisces I, I'm a Pisces native and it's also just one of my favorite signs, so I'm real biased on this this last set of decans. Pisces is about mystery, the depths, illusions, sorrow, joy, transitions, and magic. What's not to love?

In terms of the seasons, Pisces II is when (in the norther hemisphere) a lot of areas start getting their first sneak-peaks of spring. Every year is a little different (particularly as climate change continues to alter global weather) but it almost doesn't matter what form these hints at spring take because it's been a long fucking winter, and we're ready for a change.

Pisces II All

The IX of Cups is all about being in the moment of joyous fortune. It's like standing in that one ray of actually warm sunlight as winter is coming to an end. Things are beautiful and filled with joy. Just take it in.

AT IX of Cups

Because I burned the book that came with the Animal Totem tarot (good riddance) I have no idea what the author intended with this image, but here's what I think (which is all that matters): this butterfly has just emerged from it's pupa stage and is drying it's fresh new wings in the sun. It's about to flit off and spend the rest of it's days tumbling from flower to flower while enjoying an infinite bouquet of delicious nectars while fucking its brains out. Life is good.


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