Sagittarius II: Unwavering Courage

Something I have learned over the past two years of this ongoing pandemic is that we (people in general) have a lot more resolve than we thought we did. No card in the RWS captures resolve like the IX of Wands.

I wrote quite about about the IX of Wands way back during the second wave of Covid at the end of 2020 when all of the shit was hitting the fan geopolitically. It's an incredible card full of so much strength and resilience. It's one of the cards in tarot that I think works equally well as a talisman as it does for divination.

Sagittarius II All

The planetary ruler of Sag II is the Moon. With the High Priestess on one side and Temperance on the other we see some of what is going on behind the scenes in the strength and resiliency represented by the figure on the card.

Animal Totem IX of Wands

The High Priestess in the AT is represented by a black widow spinning her web at night in front of a crescent waning moon. It is a reminder that the mystery of magic is inextricably related to the mystery of death. When we embrace death and remember that we are all just a small part of a much bigger process, we tap into a deep mystical resolve that can power us through anything in this life.


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