Taurus II: Context

Well, I seem to be forever behind on my decan walk posts, surprising no one. We are already nearly half way through Taurus III and I'm just now writing about Taurus II.

This whole decanic journey is proving to be a bit more intense than I was anticipating. And while moving out of the V and into the VI of Pentacles has brought a bit of a relief from the shitstorm, it's not like the shitstorm isn't there, just that it's become more contextualized. Taurus II has been a coming to terms with the shitstorm and understanding both the external and obvious impacts, as well as the deeper magical impacts. The High Priestess (as the major for the moon) is there at the threshold of the mysteries with an offering and a warning: proceed gently and with all of your wits about you.

VI of Pentacles

The imagery in the VI of Pentacles has a lot of depth. The figure is holding the scales indicating balance, but why does he give one person money, and the other nothing? How does he know that this act of charity is balanced? He faces the person he's giving the money to and turns his back to the other, showing him the scales. Why is one deserving and one not? How can he be the judge?

The Hierophant doesn't judge who to reveal the teachings of the divine to, he gives his sermon and anyone present is welcome to receive it. Of course divine wisdom doesn't put food in your stomach.

Matthew 7:6

[6] “Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.


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