Virgo II: Opulence! You own Everything!


In the German language there isn’t really a direct translation for the English word “abundance”. Überfluss is probably the closest which literally translates to “over flow”. It’s the word you would use to describe a river that floods over the banks from too much rain water. The implication is mostly negative: having more than you need isn’t necessarily a good thing. There’s something of Überfluss in the IX of Pentacles.

Enjoying the fruits of one’s labor is a good thing! I mean, what was all that unglamorous effort in the VIII of Pentacles for? There’s a great comfort that comes from being surrounded by the beautiful things you have worked so hard to achieve. It’s also easy for that comfort to turn into stagnation. The figure on this card isn’t really about sharing either. The abundance is on display, but it’s not for touching.

Virgo II All

The second decan of Virgo is ruled by Venus (major: The Empress), and Venus just isn’t happy in Virgo. In astrological essential dignity Venus is considered “in fall” in the sign of Virgo. The artistic, creative, relational, extroverted elements of Venus are imprisoned within Virgo’s walls. It’s a beautiful prison, but a prison still.

Animal Totem IX of Pentacles

The beautiful prison is also on display in the Animal Totem IX of Pentacles. While the tortoise has all she needs within the confines of her walled in pen, she’s still walled in. Maybe that’s what she wants. Maybe she worked hard to make everything inside the pen exactly the way she wants and she isn’t interested in changing a damn thing. That’s fine. But if she ever does get lonely and decides to take the risk of leaving the pen, she at least has the protection of her own shell to keep her safe.