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Transits, Golden Oracle and Love
20 Mar 2020
Before we dive in to this week's updates, can I just take a moment to pat myself on the back? I can, and I shall. This is the third week in a row that I have posted an update to Hall of Doors. It's officially a trend people!
Golden Oracle Second Edition - Cards Complete
14 Jan 2020
What should have been just a few minor updates has, of course, turned into a massive overhaul (surprising no one). The volume of changes I wanted to make seemed to grow as more changes were made. The funny thing was: I went into the second edition with only a small list of changes for the cards. I wanted to spend the majority of my time on the book!
Golden Oracle - First Edition
03 Jan 2020
The Golden Oracle is a cartomancy project that I started in 2018. It's an oracle deck based on the golden ratio with both a book and deck available as a free download. The first edition (available now at


Digital native divination.


Astrology software for magicians.


Geomantic charting tool.
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