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Figma for Magicians Video (part 2)
21 Mar 2022
The second half of the Figma for Magicians class is now up on YouTube. Enjoy!
Figma for Magicians Video (part 1)
18 Mar 2022
Just a quick post to let folks know that if you missed my class on Figma for Magicians you can now catch the same content [over on the YouTubes]( Well, at least the first half of the class. Part 2 is coming soon.
Taking Magic Notes with Obsidian
05 Oct 2021
I know how much you all love nerding out about taking notes! If you missed the prior two videos I've done on this topic, they are linked below for your convenience. Taking good notes is a critical part of any practice so it's worth spending some time on.
Urania 1.0.2 + New Arnemancy Episode
20 Jul 2021
Just a quick post to let folks know that there is [a new update for Urania]( which adds support for chart rotation, and that the lovely Reverend Erik and I [had another fun chat diving a bit deeper on nerdy magic+tech topics](
Arnemancy Podcast Discussion
07 Apr 2021
Another thing that happened just before Aries I, which I didn't discuss in the last post because it wasn't out yet, is that I recently had the great pleasure of talking with the lovely Reverend Erik about the intersection of tech and magic on his
The Crossroads
04 Oct 2020
It's going to be another fairly quick update, but this time with a bit more detail on why. But first!
Urania + Swiss Ephemeris
20 Sep 2020
I'm doing this update as a video because I'm a bit crunched for time, and because talking is easier than writing. Apologies for the lack of editing and production quality.
Magic Notes
27 Jul 2020
Just a very quick update (text-wise, content wise it's actually long) with links to a couple of videos I put together this weekend. It's a two-part dive into magical note taking, as in, taking notes as part of a magical practice. This is something I've had on the back-burner for a while and a topic I'm passionate about.


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